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Meet the people behind Nature’s Charm

our founder, Marisa and Sonya, are the people behind these cool creations. the vegan sisters who both have a strong passion for food, and love getting creative in the kitchen, are dreaming big.

“we have always loved cooking and baking and our dream is to recreate a veganized version of all the foods we used to love

pre-vegan days. With hope that everyone will choose to do the same, we decided to create cruelty free, innovative, healthy and delicious products so that all you lovely souls may enjoy delicious menus together, anywhere in the world”

With the advantage of being the daughters of the first coconut milk manufacturer in Thailand, they decided to create delicious dairy free alternatives with the family’s original coconut milk. They turned out to be too good not 
to share with the world.

   Let me tell you the story of how it all began. From a foodie's perspective with such a strong passion for yummy scrumptious desserts, a lot of baking and sweets are just not the same without condensed milk. It felt like a tough life for us vegans at that time but we're not letting that get us down ! Since we've got loads of delicious coconut milk right here, why not create a veganized version with our already amazing coconut milk ? And so with lots of trials and yummy tastings ( 2 years and 29 versions to be exact ! ), it really did happen.



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Nature’s Charm was created in 2011 to serve innovative plant-based products to the world.

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Environmental Friendly

By eating plants we are living a more sustainable life where all our natural resources, including water, land and grains are well used whist contributing less in creating green house gas.

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Nature’s Charm is very well received by our customers and we enjoy a stable market growth.

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We are a 100% vegan company which is owned by
a vegan family all the ingredients use in our
products are 100% plant-based

Better for your health

we are deliciated to creating cool and delicious
products that are healthier for you by using
high quality ingredients and eliminating the use of harmful additives. a plant-based diet has also been proven to be good for health as it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

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Everyone in our cycle including human, animals and environment are treated with love and respect.
Therefore, definitely, no monkeys are used in the picking of our coconuts.

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